Signed Agreement:

All clients sign and agree that they participate on the course at their own risk, after agreeing that the Tutor has taken reasonable steps to establish as safe an environment as possible through a Risk Assessment before and during the activities. Also that they know of no personal disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which may affect their ability to take part in the course.

Cancellation by MBC UK:

MBC UK have the right to cancel courses at any time when the wellbeing and safety of clients is compromised due to riding conditions being unacceptable or for any other circumstances which are outside MBC UK’s control. A refund or alternative course will be given in all circumstances

Cancellation by client:

Cancellation with more than fourteen days prior to course date results in loss of 20% of full course fees. Cancellation if less than fourteen days prior to course date results in loss of 100% of course fees.

“Clients should ride within their riding experience and limits. MBC UK accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property who are participating on a course. Anybody deemed to be compromising the safety of other clients and or Tutors will be asked to dismount the bike and escorted to a safe place for leaving.”

“Clients must ensure that their bikes are fit for purpose and are in safe working condition prior to attending the course. They should also ensure that they have cycle personal protection equipment: Helmets, cycle glasses and gloves must be worn. High visibility and additional protection (elbow and knee pads) should be worn as appropriate.”