‘Shaun Dutton organised and ran a superb course, catering for the various needs of a very mixed ability group of outdoor instructors. He demonstrated a vast knowledge of skill and understanding of the disciplines. Thanks for the very valuable feedback which was excellent and much apreciated. I didnt realise I would learn so much, theory,practical,riding and coaching as well as leading above and beyond the standard required for the qualification. Thanks Shaun, brilliant and superb value for money, more of the same please.’

‘Very well delivered course. Enjoyable, informative and enlightening - Well done.’

‘I have improved so much on this course. I now ride much more efficiently and comfortably. I particulary enjoyed the route selection and the skills development. As an Army Physical Training Instructor I've learnt much more than just leading a group, the hints and tips, skills coaching and safety. The maintenance section was extremely informative and essential to the effectiveness of the qualification.’

‘A great course. Led by two very professional and supportive instructors. Pitched at the right level with a good rapport developed with the students. Great to learn some enhanced maintenance skills and develop my coaching background in another field.’

‘Thank you for delivering a polished and well rounded course. All aspects were informative and enjoyable.’

‘The course in Cyprus was excellently run by Chip and Alex from MBCUK who between them are running Trail Leader and Technical Trail Leader courses. I've been riding in Alex's group and I'm quite amazed at just how much I've learnt. I've been riding a mountain bike for what must be 20yrs and although not to any great standard thought that I knew how it all worked. With hindsight that was pretty dumb, if as a climbing instructor I can spin out hours on how to use something as simple as an ice axe it's no wonder that Alex has been able to feed us with infinite knowledge on riding a bike.’

‘I enrolled on my Trail Leader course after looking through all the courses available with several organisations at present and decided to go with MBCuk. First and foremost, I'm seriously glad I did. The course was exactly what I expected and more. The content delivered was all up to date and essential for leading groups in the area I work. After years in the outdoors industry I believe its fair to say that there are few instructors as qualified, professional and enthusiastic about what they are doing. Thank you for your guidance and knowledge. I am now confident that I can take out groups safely and with maximum enjoyment. Highly recommended’

‘The course was very well prepared and delivered for the duration. All subject both theory and practical where delivered professionally and clearly with a wealth of experience to compliment the subjects throughout. Alex was always polite and proved to be very articulate in all his methods of instruction and correspondence with all students, this can be very tricky when an audience ranges from Sapper to Major. Everyone who attended the course would like to thank Alex for a very well prepared and professionally delivered course.’

‘The course was excellent in all respects, delivered with enthusiasm and appropriate level of challenge. Alex is clearly passionate and an expert in the sport both from a riding perspective but more importantly from his superb coaching ability. I often see good practicioners but rarely as good a coach. It has enabled me to develop my skills and those of my team of instructors so that i now have full confidence in our ability to deliver safe and enjoyable mountain biking to my soldiers.’

‘Great course’