Cycle Maintenance Course CMC

Cycle Maintenance Course CMC

Duration: 2 Days | Price: 320 | Locations: Various

1. Course Description

The Cycle Maintenance Course CMC is designed specifically for leaders and mechanics, delivering the knowledge and skills to complete repairs and maintenance of bikes. Primarily it is set at level 2-3 to meet the demands of Leaders carrying out trailside repairs as well bike fleet mechanics maintaining and servicing bikes.

2. Content

  1. Bike Safety Checks
  2. Maintaining for Life
  3. Tools and Equipment for Workshop
  4. Knowledge of a variety of bikes
  5. Post-Crash Safety Checks
  6. Drivetrain set up and replacement
  7. Brakes set up and service
  1. Headsets adjustments and service
  2. Wheel truing and bearing service
  3. Hydraulic Brake Basics
  4. Tyre Repairs and Tubeless
  5. Torque Settings
  6. Emergency Repairs on Trail
  7. Trail Maintenance Equipment

3. Pre Course Standards

A Minimum age 16 years with 20 off road rides, on varied terrain and Mountain Bike Environments. Must be a competent Foundation Level 1 in cycle maintenance.

4. Liabilities and Limitations

  1. Can maintain a fleet of bikes familiar to the mechanic
  2. Can carry out trailside repairs within the scope of the mechanics competency and knowledge
  3. Mechanics must be operating within the limitations of their current knowledge and experience of the bike and workshop environment.

5. Course Outcomes

On receiving a pass it is recommended that the candidate gains further knowledge and experience, using their Action Plan, before applying for the a level 3 Course.
A defer must complete the action plan, and a fail must re-sit the course after a minimum time of 6 months after completion of an Action Plan.

6. Assessment Reports and Award

Upon successful completion of the course the candidate will receive a verbal report by the course tutor, and a written report will be issued, along with an Action Plan which should be kept as an integral part of the candidate’s logbook.

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