Personal Skills and Assessment Days

Reach the required standard for our courses and improve your mountain bike skills

Duration: 1 Day | Price: £150 | Locations: Various

1. Courses Description

The Training Courses run at all levels and form an integral part of the MBCUK scheme. They are standalone courses or built in to the assessment course. The training generally mirrors the assessment course syllabus, and may be tailored to meet the requirements of the candidates. Exemption from training can be applied for by following the advisory notes issued by MBCUK.

Level 2: Intermediate

Your personal riding ability will need to be at this level to be awarded the TTL award

Level 3: Performance

Your personal riding ability will need to be at this level to be awarded the MBC award

2. Aim

The aim of the courses is to train candidates in preparation for the future assessment they may undertake, or as a standalone skills training course.

3. Pre Course Standards

At entry level into the scheme (TL Training) the requirement is that the candidate is personally competent at mountain biking. As the candidate progresses through the scheme, the requirement is that they are qualified or equivalent to the level of course preceding the training.

4. Liabilities and Limitations

Training Courses have no formal qualification to lead or coach, awarded. However a Course Report and Action Plan are issued illustrating the training undertaken and the candidate’s competence level.

5. Course Outcomes

On receiving a pass it is recommended that the candidate gains further Coaching and Leading experience, using their Action Plan, before applying for the appropriate assessment course.

A defer must complete an Action Plan, and a fail must re-sit the course after a minimum time advised.

All candidates will receive an immediate verbal feedback followed, by a written report and Action Plan.

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