Level 1 - Trail Leader (TL)
Experienced Coaches can fast track to Level 2

Coach or lead on terrain of low to moderate difficulty

Duration: 2 + days (+ Pre Course Training online) | Price: £275 | Locations: Various

1. Course Description

The Trail Leader TL is a two days + ( + Pre Course Training online) training and assessment course in cycle coaching and leading, in an on and off road environment, on low to medium technical terrain. The course can be done as a Combined Level 1 TL & Level 2 TTL as entry for the more experienced candidate.

2. Aim

The aim of the TL course is to train and assess candidates to lead cycling activities, on and off road using evidence of their previous logbook experience, personal riding skills and Coaching -Leading ability in a variety of terrains and biking scenarios. It is also aimed at training and assessing the candidate’s theoretical and practical ability in, navigation, safety and group management, trailside maintenance, planning and risk assessments, coaching (Sports Coach UK modules) and instruction, emergency procedures.

3. Pre Course Standards

A Minimum age 18 years of age with 20 logged off road rides, on varied terrain and Mountain Bike Environments Must be a competent  in personal cycling skills and have completed the online Pre Course Study (Rider Profile & Question Paper

4. Liabilities and Limitations

The Mountain Bike Trail Leader TL may lead and coach on cycle permitted areas or unmarked cycle trails with a risk assessment, normally a maximum of 30 min walk away from help when leading novices or under 18s.

Terrain must be Low to Moderate technical difficulty, but must not be defined as mountainous unless technically proficient in that Terrain.

Furthermore the Coach Leader must be operating within the limitations of their current logbook experience with a maximum instructor to student ratio of 1-6. An appropriate and valid first aid certificate and insurance must be held.

5. Course Outcomes

On receiving a pass it is recommended that the candidate gains further Coaching and Leading experience, using their Action Plan, before applying for the Technical Trail Leader TTL course.

A defer must complete an action plan, and a fail must re-sit the course after a minimum time of 6 months after completion of an Action Plan.

6. Assessment Reports and Award

Upon successful completion of the course the candidate will receive a verbal report by the course tutor, and a written report will be issued, along with an action plan which should be kept as an integral part of the candidate’s logbook. (MBCUK logbook is a key reference manual).

The ABCC will issue a membership and coaching licence along with the insurance document. The candidates name and details will be input on to the ABCC and MBCUK coaching database (ICO Data protected). The award remains current by keeping an up to date logbook and showing continued personal development within the relevant cycling activities.

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