Mountain Bike Coach Tutor

Train suitably qualified & experienced candidates to implement the MBCUK Coaching Scheme.

Price: £220 | Locations: Various

1. Course Description

The Tutor Course is a modular course designed to train suitably qualified and experienced candidates to implement the MBCUK Coaching Scheme. It includes a Coach Process and Trainer Assessor module, and a six month Mentoring module.

2. Aim

The aim of the course is train and assesses the candidates in the delivery of MBCUK courses through a process of mentoring, to include the shadowing and running of courses. It includes Coach Process and Trainer Assessor modules.

3. Pre Course Standards

Candidates are expected to have a wide range of experience in leading and coaching. They should be an active MBC with at least one years experience or equivalent. They should also have completed the level 3 ABCC Coach Award or equivalent. Candidates should have a working knowledge of training and assessing.

4. Liabilities and Limitations

On completion of the course the Tutor will sign a contract with MBCUK which details the Tutors Terms and Conditions along with the liabilities and limitations of operating as an MBCUK Tutor.

5. Transfer of awards

Candidates with equivalent qualifications from other awarding bodies i.e. BC, MBLA, CTC, MIAS, Mountain Bike Leader Awards, may apply to transfer their awards to MBCUK.


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